About Us

"This website is the first ever craft stick bending site published. I have spent four years working on the details of how to bend, twist, shape and mold wood craft sticks of all kinds into hundreds of shapes.

The first rule in craft stick bending is that there are no rules. Your goal is to be as adventurous and creative as possible. My goal is to teach you everything I know about craft stick bending and to encourage creative kids of all ages to bend the rules and stretch the imagination to make creative, gifts, toys, arts, crafts, and more.

Please enjoy what I have learned and pass it on to others!
" - Brad G

Craft Stick Bending Defined

Craft Stick Bending™ is the creative activity of bending, molding, shaping, twisting, craft sticks and craft woods into unbelievable shapes for the purpose of making countless creations such as, toys, gifts, arts, crafts and more.

Our Goal

Our team is the first to develop and produce DVDs to teach the new skills needed for craft stick crafts. Our goal is to bring back the art and craft of wood working. The best way to that end, is to reduce the size of the lumber so more people can enjoy creating with wood. Craft sticks of all kinds can be cut; drilled, carved, sanded, glued, and best of all can be bend into hundreds of shapes. This new family friendly craft can be done safely without steam or boiling water or the need to buy large power tools for cutting and shaping the lumber aka craft sticks. Your local craft and hobby stores will be able to provide most of your supplies or visit our web site CraftstickBending.com for supplies. Our other site CraftStickCrafts.com is mostly a show and tell of craft stick craft projects. Please send us your project photos and we will post them on our gallery site. You can email us at brad@pioneeringcompetitions.com

Our web sites and YouTube channels.

Web sites:

YouTube Channels:

  • “CraftStickBending” Shows yearly progress videos over time.
  • “CraftStickCrafts” Over a hundred videos, as our good will back to our customers. Designed to be quick How-to, show and tells, to engage and inspire crafters of all ages.

How and Why I Started Craft Stick Bending

On June 9, 2008, my son, Kenny and I were on a trip to Seattle from Sequim, Washington to tour the Boeing Production Plant and Seattle Flight Museum with my dad, who had worked for Boeing prior to his retirement.

After watching how planes were built, learning the history of Boeing and spending many hours of fun at the Seattle Flight Museum, we finally ventured home. Our trip included a ferry boat ride. While on the ferry, I picked up some coffee stir sticks to mix our hot chocolate. After a mix or two, I noticed how flexible the stir sticks had become. Kenny and I were still filled with the sights of the field trip and tours, so we started playing and talking about the possibility of creating a craft stick bending kit and website for people to learn this skill to create fun craft creations.

Kenny asked “What do you do when you run out of sticks?” and suggested using water soluble glue on your projects so when you’re done with the craft, you can just place them in a tub of water so the glue will dissolve and the sticks will return to their original straight shape again.

That’s when I determined that if the sticks were just soaked in water, they could be bent, twisted and shaped. By the time we drove home from the ferry, we had talked about all sorts of possibilities. That night we were off and running by soaking some sticks I had at home. From then on, I’ve been inventing, researching, breaking, testing, soaking, bending and building craft stick projects.