Craft Stick Crafts and Craft Stick Bending Tips & Tricks DVD.
Make wooden craft stick toys, gifts, crafts and more like never before.

Designed as our basic bending, How-to DVD. Shows how to bend, mold, shape, twist, craft sticks, popsicle sticks, tongue depressors for the purpose of making toys, gifts, arts, crafts and more. These same techniques will be used later in all of our other How-to DVDs. This video is the foundation to all our other videos. All family safe, no steam, no boiling, and no chemicals.
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Craft Stick Bending Tips and Tricks DVD. 90 minutes of Tips & Project Ideas.  Get started fast with these easy to learn skills and techniques:

• Craft Store Supplies
• The Right Sticks
• Household Bends
• Right Angle Bends
• Molding Your Own
• Cool Tool Bends

• Twisted Bends
• Sharpie Pen Bends
• Bulk Bending
• Triangle Shapes
• What is Next

Other items to consider:

• Our food grade, popsicle sized, craft sticks.
• Our medical grade tongue depressors.
• Soon to offer the right glues, clamps, tools and more.

Shipping Notes:

Carrier is United States Postal Service, Priority Mail
Packaged in Cardboard box, will fit is standard size mailbox.
Shipment comes from Washington State.

*You can add one additional How-to DVD, just add the cost of the additional DVD. The shipping cost remain the same. The additional DVD makes a great gift for a friend, share Craft Stick Crafts together. For purchases of 3 or more DVD contact us directly for shipping charges.

*Shipment includes free craft surprises.

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